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BioMonde are experts in natural wound care. We are dedicated to complementing wound care treatment pathways to improve patient quality of life.

Debridement doesn’t have to be unpredictable; we believe that you can confidently debride wounds with speed and precision in a cost efficient and clinically effective manner.

Rapid debridement at your fingertips

We set out to create a superior approach to wound bed preparation and we began by going back to basics. Larval Therapy has unrivalled proven efficacy and has been known throughout the years as being a natural leader in wound debridement.

BioMonde has removed the fear associated with the treatment. We seal the larvae in a net dressing and provide a high level of product and clinical support. We want you to have a positive experience with Larval Therapy so we will be with you every step of the way.

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Dedicated to successful outcomes

As a global pioneer in Larval Therapy BioMonde is committed to supplying effective treatments, providing expert product support and building lasting relationships. Our passion for precise wound bed preparation makes Larval Therapy the treatment of choice for rapid, selective, wound debridement and limb salvage.