COVID-19 Update

There is currently no interruption to our ability to produce and deliver our Larval Therapy products however BioMonde are playing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by stopping all field-based product support activities.

Our team of Clinical Support Managers will continue to support the successful use of Larval Therapy from a distance using telephone, email and video but the team will no longer visit clinical sites until the threat of the virus spread has ended. We are still available to support appropriate wound selection and to provide sizing, ordering, application and care advice to ensure that you have a favourable outcome with the treatment for your non-healing and infected wounds.

We are still dedicated to successful outcomes for you and your patient so we will proactively contact you to make sure that you have everything you need for each treatment to be effective.

Additionally, you can contact us when you need us:

  • To find the number for your local Clinical Support Manager call 0345 230 1810
  • If you need help after 5pm or at the weekend call our Clinical Helpline on 0345 230 6806

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