BioMonde Launch New Product Range in the United Kingdom and Ireland


BioMonde today launched an entire new range of Larval Debridement Therapy products in the United Kingdom and Ireland. BioBag and Larvae300 have replaced the BioFoam and Larv-E ranges.

BioBag is available as a BB50, BB100, BB200, BB300 and BB400, with the number representing the quantity of larvae in the woven pouch. Larvae300 is available flexibly with netting and ancillary items able to be added as required.

BioMonde Launch Global New Rebrand


BioMonde today launched a new global rebrand with the main message being, “Making healing possible”.

BioMonde, world leaders in Larval Debridement Therapy, have undergone an exercise to better understand and work to the company’s following core values;

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