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    Find peace of mind

    The benefits of biosurgery contained in a discreet dressing

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BioBag packages the precision of Biosurgery into one fully contained and easy-to-apply dressing.

BioMonde are experts in natural wound care and we're dedicated to improving the quality of patients' lives. We believe that people suffering from chronic and non-healing wounds deserve a natural and rapid solution in wound debridement.

We set out to create a superior approach to wound bed preparation and we began by going back to basics. Larval Therapy has unrivaled proven efficacy and has been known throughout the years as being a natural leader in wound debridement.

Larvae are instinctively selective. They are precise, clean, quick and clinically effective. Although Biosurgery is the clear solution for healthy and natural wound debridement, psychological and aesthetic concerns are understandable in contemporary culture.

That's why BioMonde developed a way to contain them – a way to package the benefits of Biosurgery – a way for you to be treated naturally, rapidly and non-invasively. BioBag is our patented and FDA cleared biosurgical medical device. It has revolutionized the way patients and wound care practitioners can harness the benefits of an age-old and trusted treatment.

Disinfected larvae are contained in a convenient and easy-to-use net dressing. Treatment is quick and easy. Rapid debridement can be achieved in as little as one treatment. 

We are here for you and are happy to offer advice or answer any concerns. So please, explore our tools and don't hesitate to ask us anything.

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Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed clinician