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Harnessing the power of nature

Through well practiced and carefully controlled methodsBioMonde ensure that every stage of the fly life cycle complements our strict manufacturing procedures. Resulting in clean, safe, and consistent products. These methodical internal processes ensure that we can reliably provide products that help people suffering from non-healing wounds achieve effective debridement outcomes.

Our facility is home to an aseptic environment in which our flies can lay eggs onto a synthetic protein source. Once the eggs are collected by hand, we transfer them through a rigorous disinfection process and incubate them in warm conditions to fully control when they hatch. The hatched larvae are accurately dosed into a sterile polyester net pouch called a BioBag, which is heat sealed to keep the larvae secure. Our BioBags are dispatched to hospitals and community pharmacies, across the UK for immediate use.

Before being administered to a patient, larvae are merely around the size of a grain of rice. Over the course of the four-day treatment, the larvae can grow up to 10-12mm simply by ingesting liquid nutrition in the form of bacteria, slough and necrotic tissue, from the wound bed after breaking the tissue down with their secretions.  

Naturally, the next stage for larvae following feeding, would be pupation. However we intervene immediately after the treatment is complete, before this can occur, by disposing of the BioBag in the clinical waste. In order to pupate larvae prefer very dark, dry conditions, which allows their skin to transform into a hard shell. After 7-10 days, metamorphosis would begin, and the larvae would emerge from the pupae as flies. Rest assured a wound would never be a suitable environment for larvae pupation to take place and the larvae need to be “full” before the process could begin. 

We make it, then make sure it works

We understand the ever-growing challenge of treating non-healing wounds, so our objective is to lead the market through education and awareness of the importance of the swift removal of the physical barriers that prevent wound progression. We have made it our priority to ensure that patients are comfortable being treated with such a unique live product, and that clinicians are confident in knowing when and how to use Larval Therapy. 

BioMonde are focused on making the unique treatment as easy and acceptable as possible. We offer a wide range of remote services that support patient education and patient comfort, alongside crucial clinical decision making, and the steps you can take to order and apply your Larval Therapy product. We want to make debriding a wound with larvae as easy and as straightforward as possible. 

Making Larval Therapy isn’t all that we do