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It isn’t just the larvae that are precise, we are too

Our team of experts are waiting for each order

BioMonde’s contained Larval Therapy products, called BioBag, are manufactured in a specialist facility based in Bridgend, South Wales where the larvae of the greenbottle fly Lucilia sericata are produced specifically for wound care using an aseptic process. Each BioBag is made to order based upon the wound size and number of BioBags required for each patient.

We nurture the natural fly life cycle so we can can supply larvae with consistency and reliability.

  • Our male and female flies mate in our fly room
  • The female flies lay eggs on a synthetic protein source
  • The eggs are removed from the fly cages
  • The eggs are separated and undertake a rigorous disinfection process
  • After being placed on agar plates, the eggs are hatched in incubators
  • Once hatched, the larvae are dosed into porous polyester pouches
  • Each pouch is heat sealed to contain the larvae.

This complex process enables us to provide larvae for immediate use so that non-healing and infected wounds can benefit from the larvae when they are in the feeding stage of their life cycle.

Manufactured to the highest standards

To maintain high product quality standards we are strictly compliant to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) every step of the way, from receipt of the raw materials to dispatch of the finished product. Our quality department operates a multifunctional microbiology laboratory and our dedicated team carry out daily quality control testing. This, coupled with a high level of environmental monitoring in our cleanroom facility, surrounding environments and of the production staff, ensures that the product received by our customers is of the highest standards possible.

BioMonde holds the following UK manufacturing licenses, issued by the MHRA:

  • MS 25595: Manufacturer’s “Specials” License
  • ManSA 25595: Veterinary Medicinal Products

Done with expertise to create safe and high quality products


Our fly room supports the life cycle and fly husbandry.


Grade A cabinets for meticulous antimicrobial practice.


Dispatched within hours for next day delivery.