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Module 7: Eradicating Biofilm

In this training session, you will learn all about Biofilms and the challenge that they pose to wound healing. You will learn how biofilms form and how to remove them with precision using Larval Therapy.

Module 6: Dehisced Wounds

In this video, we’ll show you how Larval Therapy can be used to treat dehisced wounds. You will also learn what surgical wound dehiscence is see how effective debridement can prepare a surgical wound for re-closure.

Module 5: Infected Wounds

In this video, you’ll learn the role of larvae in infected wounds. By the end of this video, you will: Appreciate why wound infections delay healing and pose a patient safety risk Understand why antimicrobial resistance is a threat to future medicine Understand how Larval Therapy can be used to reduce wound infection Learn how … Continued

Module 4: Production Process

In this training session, we’ll take you into our production facility and give you insight into how we produce and rear our larvae. You will see how BioMonde harness the fly life cycle to produce larvae for wound care, the rigorous processes involved in producing larvae, as well as the disinfection and quality control processes … Continued