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We are caring

We don’t want you to fear the unknown, so we don’t let you go through the treatment alone. 

We know that Larval Therapy is different. Here at BioMonde we focus our time on providing reassurance and the most accurate information to our customers. Our aim is to make sure that our unique, yet effective, debridement treatment is well accepted by both medical professionals and patients. Our team of clinical support specialists and experienced customer service staff, share their in-depth knowledge of larvae so that the very best outcomes can be achieved.

We are scientific

Our drive to empower clinicians to confidently prescribe larvae is fuelled by our desire to promote best wound care practice.

BioMonde strive to achieve the highest possible calibre of quality control, research and scientific excellence when producing our Larval Therapy products. Embodying vast array of published in-vitro and clinical evidence into our multifunctional team, BioMonde employ a team of product specialists, microbiologists, research & development experts and entomologists, ensuring our operation makes consistent and reliable products as efficiently as possible. 

We are specialists

For nearly three decades BioMonde has grown on the philosophy of supporting our customers to achieve successful outcomes. 

Zoobiotic Ltd (now trading as BioMonde) was the UK’s first commercial spinout from the NHS in 2005. This interconnection between BioMonde and the United Kingdom’s oldest national health care provider has allowed us to develop not only high-quality Larval Therapy products for successful debridement outcomes; but to adopt a passion for patient care and clinical support, which we implement at every level within our organisation.